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Natta Konysheva graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute, the faculty of the printing artists. She is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Association of women-artists "IRIDA". A painter.

She is a constant participant in the exhibitions in Russia and abroad. She is a winner of the Grand Prix of the "Spring Saloon-98" - the creative competition of the women-artists of Russia, she also was decorated with a medal of the Ministry of Culture of Russia in 2000.
The creative work of N.Konysheva is unique, she is a typical representative of the Moscow "strange" artists. The beauty and the ugliness, hectic and absurd life of Bohemians, the romanticism of life of homeless, crippled people and rockers - all this is in stormy fireworks of colours, incompleteness of images and themes.

Paintings by N.Konysheva are bought by well-known collectors of Europe like Rene Gera (France). Her works are also bought by the State Tretiyakov Gallery in Moscow, by the Russian museum in St. Petersburg, by the Museum of naive arts in France, by collectors in Russia, France, Italy, Germany and other countries.

(Quoted from "Irida Association of Women Artists" website: http://www.iridaartinter.ru/art_eng.html )

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Artwork name: Self Portrait

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Oil on Canvas,
(15 3/4"x23 1/2")

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