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"I fond of painting since my childhood.

I graduated from art school №1 (Moscow, Russia).
University education - Architect (MARCHI - Moscow Institute of Architecture).

The most important thing for me is to see the beauty in all kinds of forms. In my paintings, I try to pass it through the color and perception.

I believe that art should carry a positive charge, and love, and also to transmit a sense. On canvas I want to show how beautiful is this world.

My inspiration often starts when I travel to amazing places. And sometimes - these are the most simple forms and things: flowers, landscapes, cityscapes.

I try to put into my works the energy that subsequently will give people a sense of joy and harmony."

2012 - a solo exhibition "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (Moscow)
2014 - a solo exhibition "Rays of Light" (Moscow)
2014 - a participant at ArtExpo exhibition (St. Petersburg)

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Artwork name: View of Supetar

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acrylic on canvas
20 x 30 cm
(8" x 12")

Price: £291 GBP