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Igor Avramenko was born in 1964 in Baku city.
He has graduated from the Art School, Baku Art College
and a school of documentary cinema.
A member of the International Union of Artists.
A constant participator of the art exhibitions and
He has studied art of the indigenous of Mezoamerica in
Mexico and the USA.
Lives in Moscow.

The works of Igor Avramenko are presented in various
galleries, museums and private collections of different

Museum of Modern Russian Art (New York, USA)
Museum of Modern Art (Florida, USA)
Museum of Art (Sochi, Russia)
Russian State Culture Fund (Sochi, Russia)
Azerbajdzhan State Culture Fund ( Baku, Azerbajdzhan)
Orthodox community (San Diego, USA)
Сorporate collections of Moscow banks and other organizations.


1988 International exhibition of arts (Seattle. The
1989 Biennial " Naples - Baku " (Naples. Italy);
1992 Exhibition of painting. Norman Krajder Gallery
(New York);
1996 Exhibition of painting. Gallery " Hogendorf and
Kaufman " (Amsterdam);
1997 Charitable auction (Las Vegas. USA);
1998 International exhibition "Art-Manezh" (Moscow);
1998 Exhibition of design. A museum of the modern art
(Florida. The USA);
1998 Exhibition of painting. Gallery " Pedestrian "
(Jackson Vill. The USA);
1999 Personal exhibition of painting (Prague.
2000 Exhibition of painting. Gallery of arts (Atlanta.
The USA);
2000 Art Performans "Garage" (Florida. The USA);
2000 Exhibition of painting. A museum of the modern
art (New Jersey. The USA);
2001 Exhibition of painting. Ninas Stevenss Gallery
2001 Exhibition of painting. Gallery " Pedestrian "
(Jackson Vill. The USA);
2002 Exhibition of painting. Gallery " Red " (Jackson
Vill. The USA);
2003 International exhibition "Art-arena" (Moscow);
2003 Exhibitions of painting and schedules. A museum
of arts (Sochi);
2004 Exhibition of painting. Gallery " New square "
(The central house of the artist. Moscow);
2004 International festival of arts (VDNH. Moscow);
2005 4-th Art-fair " the Best galleries of Moscow "
(East gallery. Infoprostranstvo);
2005 Personal exhibition of painting. Gallery Mugolone
2006 Auction " Operation hope ". Embassy of European
Union (Moscow);
2006 5-th Art-fair " Best Galleries of Moscow "
(Exhibition pavilion. Moscow);
2006 Auction " Operation hope ". Embassy of Ireland.
2006 International art fair "Art Maneg-2006"
2007 Exhibition of painting (The Central Artists' House.Moscow).

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Artwork name: Mexican Still Life

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Oil on Canvas
(19 1/2"x23 1/2")

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