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Gennadiy Vasilyevich Moiseyev was born 1935 in the town of Zlatoust, Uzbekistan in the Urals. He studied art in Tashkent. Having graduated from Benkov Art College he continued studying in Ostrovsky Academy of Art ( Ostrovsky Art Academy).
While attending the Academy he lived in Leningrad and took classes in the studio of a prominent soviet painter E.Moiseyenko. During 1968 Moiseev was working at the art-service shop, where he fulfilled output-painting program. There he created a great deal of contemporary portraits and genre canvases. Lots of works were devoted to the military subjects. Gennadiy Vasilyevich pledged himself to participate in the Republican and All-Union exhibitions. Moiseev became not only a prominent artist but also a gifted teacher of art. He taught in Benkov Republican Art College.

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Artwork name: Portrait of Two Uzbek Girls

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Oil on canvas
100 x 90cm, (39 1/4" x 35 1/2")

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