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*All sculptures in plaster or in bronze presented here will be sold only in bronze. The sculptor will be able to cast the sculptures in bronze only after the order agreement, and the delivery time for some of the sculptures might take up to 2-3 months.

Ashot Tonoian was born in 1957 in Gumri(Leninakan)I, Armenia. Since 1990 he lives in Norway with his family and is a norwegian citizen. He has got very well figurative artist education from Armenia & Latvia. Ashot has active worked as an creative artist (sculptor)since 1982. He has always been very inspired by Italian Renaissance Art. Ashot is working with figurative sculptures; mostly in bronze and stone; in different sizes.

Ashots sculptures act figures has focus on human body, soul, emothions. In many years he works also with sculpture-portret and has created many portrets by orders and as own creative projects. Such as Thor Heyerdahl, Fritjof Nansen, Thomas Hylland Eriksen (a socialantropologist), etc.... Ashots artworks are bought by different private art collectiors; his sculptures was exhibited at the different contemporary art galleries throughout Europe & USA. It was many publications in media (newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet about his artworks).

1981-1983 The Academy of Arts, (sculpture courses), Riga, Latvia
1975-1979 Therlamezian Art School (sculpture), Yerevan, Armenia
1969-1973 Merkurov Art School (sculpture), Gumri, Armenia

NBK (Norwegian Artists Association), Norwegian Sculptors Society,
BBK (Buskerud Regional Artists Association)boardmember (1996/97)

2003 Buskerud Fylkeshus, Drammen, Norway
2003 Gallery Tonne, Oslo, Norway
2003 Raadhus Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2002 The Artists Center Buskerud district gallery, Drammen, Norway
2000 IsKunst gallery, Oslo
1999 The Art Association Gallery, Hareid Raadhus, Norway
1998 Gallery Gulden Kunstverk, Eiker, Norway
1997 Drammens Theatre, Norway
1996 Library, Lier, Norway
1995 The Art Association, Aas, Norway
1994 The Armenian Museum & Library of Armenia, Boston, USA
1994 Gallery KIO, Lillehammer, Norway
1994 Gjovik gaard Gallery, Gjovik, Norway
1993 Gjovik gaard Gallery, Gjovik, Norway
1990 Gallery, Kongensgt., Oslo
1990 Gallery "Unique", Eidsvoll, Norway

GROUP EXHIBITIONS: since 1982 had participated at many international exhibitions in Norway, USA, Latvia, Armenia...
2004 Elvefestival, Kreaktiv, Drammen, Norway
2004 ParkArtProject, Drammen, Norway
2004 Sculpture exhib., Paleét, Oslo, Norway
2003 Sculpture-2003; Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway
2003 Regional exhibition "Řstlandsutstillingen" 2003, 04, Norway
2000 International exhibition, Grimstad Kunstforening, Norway
1999 International exhibition,"Glokal Kunst", Oslo, Norway
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 November Buskerud exhibition, Drammen, Norway
1986 International exhibition (special price), Vilnius, Litauen

2000 1-price at the Figurative Sculpture Competition, Oslo, Norway aranged by Selvaag Gruppen & The Norwegian Sculptors Society
1986 International exhibition (special price), Vilnius, Litauen

2000/2002/2003 Selvaag Gruppen (bronze sculptures), Oslo, Norway
1998/1999 Medals originals, Det Norske Kongelig Mynt, Kongsberg, Norway
1988 Sculpture "khachkar"(3,5 m high), Gumri, Armenia
1988 Sculpture (3 m high), Gumri, Armenia

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Artwork name: Seashells

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