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Arkadi Petrosyan was born on 23 November, 1933, in Brnakot Village of Sisian Region, Republic of Armenia. Attended the graduate school after Shota Roustaveli, Yerevan. Entered the post-graduate Art School after P. Terlemezyan in 1950. Served in Soviet Army 1952-1955. Have graduated from the Art School in 1959.
In 1959 participated the Graphic Arts Exhibition with .Sheep. series.
Entered the High Art and Theater Academy in 1960. Has participated several student exhibition during studies. Has won The First Prize at Competition devoted to the 250th Anniversary of Sayat Nova.
Has participated to several Armenian, All-union and foreign exhibitions after graduating from the High Art and Theater Academy.
Member of the National Union of Painters from 1970.
Has participated to the Exhibition of the best works of the last 50 years of the three countries of Caucasus in 1972 (with drawing series .David of Sassoun.) and was mentioned in .Iskusstvo. (.Art.) magazine (No 5, 1972) among other painters.
Was invited to the Chair of Graphic Arts of the High Art and Theater Academy of Yerevan as a lecturer in 1970. He is a professor of Drawing (Graphic Arts) till present.
He was the vice-president of the Section of Painting if the National Union of Painters from 1980 till 1984.


1. Armenian and All-union exhibitions (.Hazaran Blbul. Drawings series.), 1967. The works are in Moscow.
2. Individual Exhibition in the Union of Painters of Armenia. Drawing and Painting, 1970.
3. Individual Exhibition in Ulan Ude City, Russia. Days of Armenian Art. 1971.
4. Individual Exhibition in Yerevan. Contemporary Art Gallery. Drawing and Painting. 1977.
5. Exhibition of Armenian Artists, Painting .Two riders., Berlin. 1980.
6. Exhibition of Armenian Artists, Graphics Arts series from the Armenian fairy-tale .Zangi Zrangi.. Lisbon. 1983.
7. Individual Exhibition in Yerevan. Union of Armenian Painters. Drawing and Painting. 1990.
8. Two paintings in New York. 1994.
9. Five paintings in Bern. Switzerland. 1995.
10. Exhibition of the Armenian perished soldiers of Karabakh war. 30 drawings and paintings made by his son.s brush. Yerevan, 2000.
11. Switzerland. Drawing and Painting. 2000.
12. Exhibition with three paintings .Autumn.. Yerevan. 2000. (These paintings were also exhibited in Moscow, prize).
13. One painting at .Spring Exhibition.. Yerevan 2001. (Prize).
14. Exhibition of Armenian Art. Three paintings. Iran.
15. Exhibition devoted to the 1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia. Two paintings. Yerevan. 2001.
16. One painting at Exhibition in Ravenna. Italy, 2001.
17. The days of Armenian Art in Moscow. Three paintings. Moscow, 2001.
18. Exhibition devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Union of Armenian Painters. .Song. painting. Yerevan, 2002.
19. .Old Song. exhibition. Yerevan, 2003.
20. Individual Exhibition of Graphic Arts and Paintings (107 works). Yerevan, 2003.
21. Participation to the Painting Competition of Armenia with .Horse Riders. series. First Prize. Yerevan, 2003.
22. .Music Rhythm. Exhibition. Yerevan, 2004.
23. Exhibition of Armenian Art (5 paintings). Florence, Italy. 2005.
24. Exhibition of Armenian Art. San Francisco, USA. 2006.

Some art works of Arkadi Petrosyan are kept in Moscow (Art Fund) as well as in the National Art Gallery and Art Fund of Armenia. Are exhibited in Dnepropetrovsk Art Gallery, Ukraine. The main part of the works belong to Armenian and foreign private collections.

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