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1986-1990 Bryansk Art School, Bryansk
1990-1997 Russian Academy of Arts, the studio of professor P.T.Fomin, St. Petersburg

2003 Personal exhibition, "FORUM" art gallery, St.Petersburg;
2003 "Exhibition of the tercentenary of St.Petersburg", St.Petersburg;
2002 "The Autumn Exhibition", St.Petersburg;
2000 "The Autumn Exhibition", St.Petersburg;
1998 Charitabe exhibition, St.Petersburg;
1997 The Exhibition of Diploma Pictures in the Academy of Arts;
1995 "Young art-creators exhibition", Bryansk;
1993 "The Autumn exhibition", St.Petersburg;
1989 "The All-Union Exhibition of Arts schools", Krasnoyarsk.

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Artwork name: The view of St. Katherine's Church

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Oil on Board,
(9 3/4"x13 3/4")

Price: £328 GBP