Andranyk Petrosyan was born in 1925 in Rostov-on-Don, in an artisanís family. His studying in Art College in Tbilisi was interrupted by World War II. In January when A. Petrosyan was 17 he joined the army, participated in fights, reached Berlin.

In 1948 Andranyk Petrosyan , demobilized after the front, having undermined his health, moved to Armenia.

His independent activity in painting began at the end of 1960 when he started exhibiting his works in different republics of the country.

Numerous exhibitions from 1967 to 1971 exposed creative nature of the talented artist who possessed great love for life and emotional power of art.

A. Petrosyan as an artist directs his skill at artistic expression of his own perception of life and the main thing is that he is far from thought of its passive reflection. One of the basic features of his creative work is logical interpretation of the seen things and it is full of artistry and ability to evoke emotions.

A. Petrosyan worked in different genres of art. His canvases are distinguished by colourful richness of the visual world ( special depth of colours , pastose plastic form making for expression of poetic excitement in the images created by him).

His creative work is imbued with originally national motives and traditions of Caucasia. The artist had great success both in his homeland and abroad. He was a member of Artistsí Union and was recognized at the world level.

He had a number of one-man shows in Spain, France, Poland, Italy and Egypt.

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Artwork name: Forest

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Oil on Canvas
(27 1/2"x23 1/2")

Price: £2644 GBP