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Tomenko Grigory

Harvesting at the Collective

Oil on Cardboard
21,5 x 51cm
(8 1/2"x20")
261 GBP

Price: SOLD

Snopov V.

Lenin with his Wife Krupskaya and Children

1964,Oil on Canvas,130x195cm(51 1/4"x76 1/4")

Price: SOLD

Getman, S.N.Melamud P.D.

Portrait of Stalin

circa 1940s,235x178cm(93"x70")

Price: SOLD

Tikhy I.

The Exam

1957,Oil on Board,26x38cm

Price: SOLD

Gulyaev A.

Christmas Time

1967,Oil on Canvas,170x130cm(67"x51 1/4")Fragment

Price: SOLD

Antonov Fedor

We Will Rebuild Everything

1949,Gouache on Paper,89x59cm(35"x23 1/4")Original Artwork for Poster

Price: SOLD

Aristov Ivan

Pioneer Girl

1958,Oil on Board,23x52cm(9"x20,5")Framed

Price: SOLD

Chuprin (Chuprina) Nicolai

Crane Operator

1959,Oil on Canvas,35x49cm(13,8"x19")Framed

Price: SOLD

Shepetovski Vitali Yakovlevich

Visiting a Village with Krupskaya

Early 1960s,
Oil on Canvas,
148x198cm(58 1/4"x78")

Price: SOLD

Rumyantsev Sergei Sergeevich

Woman with the Washing

Oil on canvas
106 x 114cm, (41 3/4" x 44 3/4")

Price: SOLD

Belykh Nadezhda Aleksandrovna


Oil on canvas
125 x 196cm

Price: SOLD

Senkevich S.

Sunday Evening in Village

Oil on canvas
94,5 x 149cm,
(37 1/4" x 58 1/2")

Price: SOLD

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